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How To Find Out If A Kiss Meant Something Real?

Oct 21
What can you really tell from the first kiss? So overwhelming questions and thoughts are in your head. Does he\she like me? Was my breath good? Is he\she serious with me or I am just entertainment for him\her? Did he\she realize how much nervous I am? Hope not, I am
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Tips For Sexting Your Boyfriend

Oct 18
Let’s be honest- relationships require a lot of work and effort. You can’t just jump into one and continue not doing anything, leaving to the other side to do all the work. Eventually, it will get boring and it will fall apart. So, you need to constantly try to make
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Homemade Sex Toys: Learn To Do It Yourself

Oct 16
You are curious but you are ashamed to get into one of the sex shops nearby? Maybe you are new in the world of sex toys and you would like to taste how it feels like first? Because you don’t want to throw the money away on something you will
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Great ways to turn your boyfriend on while kissing

Oct 14
Chances are, you’re already know how to turn on your boyfriend’s imagination when you’re in the mood and want to get nasty with him.  Let’s be honest: when it comes to sex, guys are fairly simple and turning them on isn’t necessarily rocket science. Grab his dong and you’re basically
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How to finger yourself to orgasm?

Oct 11
Ladies, sexuality is not just about bumping uglies. Don’t listen to those people who tell you that the only way you can have fun between the sheets is only by having sex with someone. While yes, that’s the real deal, spending some quality time with yourself is also an awesome

How To Get A Kiss From A Girl

Oct 09
You’ve been wondering how to get a kiss from a girl? How to make a girl kiss you? How to make her offer you her beautiful, soft, lip-balmed lips? Well, let me be cruelly honest- that ain’t going to happen. So, all this time you have been asking a wrong
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Sexting tips & tricks

Oct 07
Being “in the zone” with a potential partner is perhaps one of the most exciting things in the dating game. It’s just so awesome, exciting, and hot all at the same time.  The banter, the back and forth funny things and even potentially hot and horny things that foreshadow some
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Best long distance sex toys for couples

Oct 04
We’ve all been there at one point or another. You’re crazy about your partner and they are head over heels about you. The chemistry is just awesome, the sex is out of this world. There’s just only one catch. A huge one. That’s right – you two are miles apart
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Natural way to produce more semen?

Oct 02
So, the sex is good, you’re pretty sure that you have the chops required, your partner moans, screams, shakes, shivers, and everything. You can last for hours, you have the stamina, you know, it’s like you’re the whole package. Except for the grand finale… When it comes to shooting that
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Meaning of sexting for a guy

Sep 30
It is very likely that if you are a woman with a cell phone today, you have been involved with some sexting in your life.  While we hope that all of your sexting sessions have gone well, we know it is very probable that at least some of them didn’t
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Will viagra help you last longer in bed?

Sep 27
Popping boner pills to last longer in bed? Is that a real thing or just an urban legend waiting to be debunked?  You’ve probably heard this one. Heck, you have even played with the thought of giving it a try. Who knows, right? If it works, then you’ll be rock
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Sex Toys For Couples

Sep 25
Who doesn’t want to have more intense orgasms?  Who doesn’t want to have wilder sex with their sex partner?  Obviously, there isn’t a single person in the world who wouldn’t want some form of both of these things.  That’s just how important good, highly-orgasmic sex is for all human beings.
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How female ejaculate and how it looks like?

Sep 23
When men think about female ejaculation, they tend to think about all sorts of mysterious things instead of cold scientific facts. Yes, it’s true that the topic of the female ejaculation and female ejaculate are shrouded in mystery, however, there is data that can give a better idea and understanding
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What Is Female Ejaculation and Where Does It Come From

Sep 20
Chances are, if you are a human being, you have a hidden secret: you are trying to ejaculate as much as possible!  And don’t be ashamed if you feel this way; just be honest about it (to yourself, at least)! And there is no need to worry, you are not

Dive into the World of Fetish and What Does It Mean?

Sep 18
If you’ve ever looked deeper into sex and to gather more info about the subject, chances are, you’ve come across the word “fetish” a couple of times. Have you? If you’re new to this word, you’re probably wondering what does fetish mean and what fetish sex is. Well, to give
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What’s the Difference Between Orgasms and Cumming?

Sep 16
Do you like sex?  Check! If you are a human, the answer to that question is always “YES!” unless you are a complete virgin and/or you live under a rock!  We should quickly stop and take a moment to share our empathy if you happen to be either (sorry!), but
woman touching her breast

Why Your Breasts and Nipples Are Itchy

Sep 13
It is always somewhat uneasy when some parts of our body start acting weird or feeling different.  This feeling of unease can quickly become terror if the body parts that are starting to feel different are our more personal and private parts.  As a woman, there are few parts of
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Fwb Meaning in Text

Sep 11
Do you text message often?  In today’s world, chances are extremely high that you do.  To be honest, it’s even likely you have sent a text message between the time you started reading this blog and got to this sentence.  But there’s no real reason to worry about your texting
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Does Anal Sex Lead to Anal Cancer?

Sep 09
Anal sex was once considered an extremely rare and taboo sexual practice (at least in the days of modern Western civilization).  However, with the amount and preponderance of pornographic material combined with the increased desires of people to experiment and try new sexual desires, anal sex rates are on the


Sep 06
Many people and couples would say that they are a dedicated part of the BDSM community.  But do they actually know what BDSM is really about? Take our BDSM test below to find out if you do!  Let us warn you: some of these questions may have multiple right answers!