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How to lose Boob Fats

May 15
Extra fat in the breasts displays itself in the overhanging bulge around your bra line. Those extra pounds are uncomfortable and can create health problems. Many women want to know how to lose boob fats. It’s a common problem for many women. Putting on a bra only to see your
How Does Sperm Taste - spermatozoids

How Does Sperm Taste?

May 09
Let’s face it, the taste of semen is not going to win any prizes at a cooking competition. Sperm is salty, a little bitter, and has a bizarre aftertaste that’s similar to opening your mouth in a chlorinated pool. And yet, the unappetizing flavor profile of semen need not be
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Natural ways to last longer in bed

May 07
Healthy sex life is vital to good health. The important role your sex life plays in your health is essential. Your immune system is one part of the human anatomy that benefits from healthy sex life. Eating well, staying active, and a good sleep routine improves the immune system. There
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How many women watch porn?

May 06
How many women watch porn? If you have any doubt, it’s a lot. In fact, most women watch some type of porn. A porn survey shows that women watch porn differently than men. In fact, there are lots of ways women who love porn get their fix. Women who love
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What female ejaculation looks like?

May 03
The body produces lots of different fluids. Tears and sweat are a few. Yoga is a unique exercise. The mind, body, and soul aspect of yoga acknowledge all aspects of the body. Yoga stretches help more than muscles. Yoga stretches are good for your joints, bones, organs, and other internal

The Meaning of NSFW

May 01
The meaning of NSFW is “not safe for work”. However, there’s more to it than you think. People want to know the NSFW slang definition. New slang terms and acronyms appear every day. People work and they have little time for leisure. Surfing webcams and watching the girls is risky
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How do I see who likes me on tinder?

Apr 30
If you are single and looking for any kind of relationship and haven’t heard of the dating app Tinder, what are you even doing? Tinder is one of the greatest dating apps of all time, and it is one of the most popular for good reasons, too. Tinder was the
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Orgasmic tips & tricks for girls

Apr 26
What could be better than giving your partner orgasm? For men, it is pretty obvious when they have an orgasm, and without fail they seem to be able to have one. This isn’t always the case for women, and it can be frustrating for both partners! In a recent study,
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Tips to stimulate a blowjob

Apr 25
When a man is making a list of the best things in life, there’s simply no way that he’s going to omit blowjobs. In fact, the only question is whether blowjobs are in the top three, the top five, or the top ten. While unmistakably one of life’s greatest pleasures,
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Safety tips for safe anal sex

Apr 24
The importance of practicing safe sex can hardly be overstated, and yet when it comes to anal sex, all the normal advice practically doubles in significance. The reasons for this are simple: anal sex deals with delicate parts of the body, and also factors in hygiene considerations that vaginal intercourse

What is circumcision?

Apr 23
Circumcision is a common procedure that removes the foreskin from male genitalia; specifically, from the head of the penis. Circumcision is an elected procedure that most baby boys born in the United States undergo. Circumcision has shown to have health benefits that prompt parents to speak for their newborn in
choke a girl during sex

how to choke a girl during sex

Apr 22
With a new century, our culture is shedding taboos and opening the doors to a variety of amazing and passionate sexual activity between consenting adults. Sexual activity between consenting adults is healthy. When exploring more adventurous activities that have some inherent risks it’s important to be responsible. Erotic asphyxiation is
Playing With woman`s Boobs and Explode Her Passion

Play With Her Boobs and Explode Her Passion

Apr 19
Learn the art of how to play with a girl’s boobs and explode her passion. Breast play is a key part of foreplay. The nipples are the central part of the breast. Nipples are sensitive and the stimulation of a nipple can excite a woman to the point of explosive
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Great blowjob techniques to twist his brain

Apr 18
There are lots of great blowjob techniques to twist his brain and give him the best blowjob of his life. Deep Throating is one of the most well-known techniques and it takes practice to get good at it. Practice, have confidence, and learn a few basic blowjob techniques to give
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What does BDSM mean

Apr 17
What does BDSM mean? What does BDSM mean? The initials BDSM stand for Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism and encompass are a large genre of sexual roleplay activities popularized by the movie 50 Shades of Gray. A BDSM definition varies depending on the source and community. BDSM has come to be
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Is it safe to have anal sex if you have hemorrhoids?

Apr 16
Who Can Have Anal Sex? Anal sex is the act of inserting a penis into an anus. Once a taboo act, anal sex is now a popular sexual practice with both heterosexual and homosexual couples. Statistics report that 90 percent of homosexual men are the recipients of anal sex and
Sex Position During Pregnancy

Best Sex Position During Pregnancy

Apr 15
Pregnancy is an exciting time. Intimacy is an important part of pregnancy. Couples bonding over pregnancy often asks what is the best sex position during pregnancy. In fact, there are many different sex positions you’ll enjoy trying while pregnant. The most important facts about sex positioning during pregnancy are comfort,
Pills for penis

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Apr 12
Do penis growth pills work? Do penis growth pills work? Typically, penis enlargement or male enhancement pills are sold in herbal supplement stores. Most people understand that medical science and the FDA does not approve herbal supplements; that is the reason most people like them. Herbal supplements are becoming more
Taste Of Semen

Do Woman Actually Like the Taste Of Semen?

Apr 11
Do women actually like the taste of semen? Depends. Some women simply say, no! Other’s say it depends on the partner and relationship. When asked what cum takes like the answer very. Women have described the taste of semen as old pennies, salty mushrooms, oysters, and salty soap just to
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Eat pussy like a champ

Apr 10
Let’s just get there out on the open: oral sex is just tops. That’s it, we’ve said it. Blowjobs, pussy licking, fingering – all great stuff that we either love to give or get. Right? That being said, your girlfriend might give so awesome blowjobs that every time she’s finished