girl texting on a smart phone - Flirting with a Girl via Texting

Flirting with a Girl via Texting

Jul 15
Flirting can either be one the most frustrating things a man can do or something that you don’t really make a big deal out of. Then, some guys will even tell you that flirting is somewhat like “the thrill of the hunt” for them and as such, those casual little
couple is having sex on bed - Last Longer in Bed Tips

How to Last Longer in Bed Tips & Tricks

Jul 12
All men dread the thought of underperforming in the sheets and finishing before they even started. It’s like this inherited fear that haunts the mind and hinders confidence to the point where you consider not having sex at all. Frankly, we don’t think it’s the end of the world if
Closeup of a young woman using laptop at home

What Porn Movies Girls Love to Watch?

Jul 10
Show us a man that claims he does not watch porn, and we will show you a man that lies, but when it comes to girls can the same be said? There is this notion among men that girls do not watch porn. This cannot be further from the truth,
good tinder bios for guys

Best examples of Tinder taglines for guys

Jul 08
A tagline on Tinder isn’t everything, but it’s pretty close. An awesome tagline will get you the attention you seek and it can help you loads with finding your potential partner, or a one-night stand, depending on what you’re looking for. By using the best tinder tagline examples for guys,
sexting tips

How to start sexting a girl?

Jul 05
In the age that we live in, keeping up with trends is more important than ever. You know, basically, a lot of things happen online, which means, knowing how to use your laptop and phone to your advantage can go a long way. No, we’re not talking about chilling and
Friend Without Benefit

What FWB Means?

Jul 03
If you get confused with today’s internet slang (especially on dating sites), you have nothing to worry about, you’re not alone.  Nowadays, there are literally tons of acronyms out there that the vast majority of internet users use every day and sometimes, it’s just hard to keep of with these
young woman in underwear reading sms

Things To Say When Sexting

Jul 01
No matter if you are chatting with your crush or with your longtime partner, a lot of you are wondering when they should start sending a little sexier messages and what to say when sexting, and not to make an awkward situation. The fact is, sexting messages create more closeness
Girl training pectoral

How to increase breast size?

Jun 28
Having a big bust can be either a curse or a blessing, but there are a lot of women who would like to increase of the size of their breasts, even if that means having to deal with a little back pain down the road.  And yes, the road to
Couple in bed

How does anal sex feel?

Jun 26
Anal is a tricky thing both for him and for her. Both sides wonder how it will feel, will they enjoy it or will they resent trying it for the rest of their lives. Okay, anal sex is by no means that dramatic, but still, the questions remain: Does anal
Choking During Sex

Choking During Sex: Tips and Tricks to Follow

Jun 24
Sex is somewhat like a cake. Everyone loves it but we don’t all love it the same way and we don’t all like the same type of cake. That being said, some prefer traditional stuff in bed. You know, straight missionary and similar, time-tested things. Others like to spice things
Couple having intimate dinner of summer evening

How to flirt with a married woman

Jun 21
She’s smokin’ hot, fun, intelligent and just an awesome gal in general. She’s the woman of your dreams. Or at least, you would like to get to know her A LOT better, if you catch our drift. You have the chops, and you’re ready to throw in the big guns. 
man measured the chest

How to lose man boobs?

Jun 19
Can you reduce man boobs without surgery? The good news is, yes, don’t panic. The flip side is: it’s not going to be easy. However, before we get to it, let’s take the time to talk a bit about man tits, or man boobs. They are just a huge turn

Who are swingers?

Jun 17
Exploring the world of sex and all it has to offer is a lot of fun. However, things can also get a bit confusing if you’re unfamiliar with certain terms and phrases. Also, you can be left feeling pretty surprised if you don’t know the various things that are “trending”
Perky boobs

Make Your Boobs Perky With These Simple Tips

Jun 14
Perky boobs are things most women pursue – and most of them will pull it off with the right methods. A full set of nice perky breasts is always a sight to behold and girls want to look and feel attractive, right? Right. However, knowing how to get your boobs
Flirty text messages

Best Sexting Messages to Send Your girlfriend

Jun 12
You two have been together for quite some time now and you know her every little quirk and sweet little habits. You also know the annoying ones but that not the point know. You two are head over heels for each other and you can’t possibly be any happier. You
sexual issues

How to make sex toys at home

Jun 10
Sex toys are awesome little gadgets that you can use to heighten your sensations either while you have fun with your partner or on your own. They are handy, come in different shapes and sizes with one common purpose: serving your pleasure. However, sometimes they are a bit pricey and
A sexy woman in black lingerie sleeping.

Is Anal Sex a Sin?

Jun 07
The concept of sin is a foundation of Christianity, as well as other monotheistic religions, and the list can get pretty extensive as to what constitutes as “sinful”. According to ancient texts and fundamentalist doctrine, certain sex acts do not qualify as “decent” human behavior. Anal sex is frequently blacklisted
Beautiful couple in the kitchen

Amazing Sex positions To Spice Your marriage!

Jun 05
There comes a time in every marriage when things just kind of don’t go the same as they used to. Things that you didn’t notice about your partner or either thought were sweet, have now become annoying so much that they’ll irritate the living hell out of you. You know
Man looking in his underwear -

Exercises to Make Your Penis Bigger

Jun 03
Men can be just as self-conscious as women, especially when it comes to sex. “Are my love handles really noticeable?”, “I hope she won’t notice that I have man boobs… Maybe I’ll make love to her with my shirt on.” – these two examples are just the tip of the
Woman With Pregnancy Test

How Soon After Unprotected Sex Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

May 30
You can get pretty edgy when you think you’re pregnant because it’s no laughing matter. It’s no joke, whether it’s something you’re planning or it’s something that happened by accident. Chances are, when you think you’re pregnant you freak out a bit. However, the best thing you can do is